3M™ 1860 Mask Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask , N95 Made in USA

  • NIOSH Approved: N95
  • FDA Cleared for use as surgical mask
  • Helps protect against certain airborne biological particles
  • Fluid resistant and disposable
  • NIOSH Approved: N95
  • FDA Cleared for use as surgical mask
  • Helps protect against certain airborne biological particles
  • Fluid resistant and disposable
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3m 1860 n95 Mask Suppliers and Distributor in China

This health care particulate respirator and surgical mask helps provide respiratory protection against certain airborne biological particles. It is disposable and fluid resistant to splash and spatter of blood and other infectious material.

This healthcare respirator is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. It meets CDC guidelines for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control. As a disposable particulate respirator, it is intended to help reduce wearer exposure to certain airborne particles including those generated by electrocautery, laser surgery, and other powered medical instruments. As a surgical mask, it is designed to be fluid resistant to splash and spatter of blood and other infectious materials.

Features include:

  • NIOSH approved N95
  • Meets CDC guidelines for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control
  • FDA cleared for use as a surgical mask
  • 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) according to ASTM F2101
  • Fluid resistant according to ASTM F1862
  • Respirator contains no components made from natural rubber latex
  • Collapse resistant cup shape design
  • Braided headbands, cushioning nose foam, and light weight construction for comfortable wear

Suggested settings and applications: Operating Rooms, Clinics, TB Wards, Patient Care, Labor and Delivery, Infection Control Practices, Laboratory, emergency or pandemic preparedness planning, stockpiling, etc.

WARNING: These respirators help reduce exposures to certain airborne contaminants. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging. In the U.S., a written respiratory protection program must be implemented meeting all the requirements of OSHA 1910.134 including training, fit testing and medical evaluation. In Canada, CSA standards Z94.4 requirements must be met and/or requirements of the applicable jurisdiction, as appropriate. Misuse may result in sickness or death. For proper use, see package instructions.


Aerosol Type
Braided Comfort Strap
Cartridge or Filter Included
Case Quantity
Market Leader
Exhalation Valve
FDA Cleared
Advanced Electrostatic Media
Filter Class
Flame Resistance (ASTM D2859-96)
Flammability Rating
Class 1
Fluid Resistance
120mm Hg
Fluid Resistant (ASTM F1862)
Gas & Vapor Protection Type
Hazard Type
Mold, Silica
Individually Wrapped
Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security
National Stock Number
Natural Rubber Latex Components
Bulk Case
Product Color
Product Type
Healthcare Respirator
Healthcare Respirator
Recommended Application
Agricultural Production, Airborne Biological Particles, Bagging, Dry Chemical Handling, Emergency & Pandemic Preparedness, Foundry Operations, Grinding, Petrochemical Manufacturing, Processing of Minerals, Sanding, Textile Operations
Recommended Industry
Health Care
Respirator Size
Respirator Style
Personal Safety
N95 & FDA Cleared
Strap Attachment Type
Braided Comfort Strap


Features, Applications, & Benefits of Our 3m 1860 n95 Face Mask

If you approach Luoloya Health Industry to get a 3m 1860 mask for sale, you’ll experience a difference in your product, as well as in your sale revenue due to the following perks;

• FDA Cleared to use as surgical mask
• Fluid resistant and disposable
• Small-sized health care respirator and surgical mask
• It helps protect against individual airborne biological particles

Features include:

 Meets CDC rules for Mycobacterium tuberculosis presentation control

 FDA cleared to consider as a protective cover

 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) as indicated by ASTM F2101

 Designed for little measured grown-up facial profiles; not affirmed for use by kids NIOSH endorsed N95

 Fluid safe as indicated by ASTM F1862

 Collapse safe cup shape plan

 Braided headbands, padding nose froth, and lightweight development for agreeable wear

Suitable Applications

• Laboratory
• stockpiling
• Clinics
• Infection Control Practices
• TB Wards Operating Rooms
• Patient Care
• Labor & Delivery
• emergency or pandemic preparedness planning,

As far as our 3m 1860 n95 mask material is concerned, it is made with electrostatic filter cotton. And it is best to use for dust and particulate. Apart from wearing it for face protection, the 3m 1860 small.

can also be used in smog weather, sandstorms, as a barrier against respiratory infections, and protect individual pathogenic microbial particles. Additionally, this face mask is also ideal to use as a medical-surgical mask.

What Particular Features of Our 3m 1860 n95 mask Distinguish from Others?

The 3M 1860 N95 Mask with Exhalation Valve from Luoloya is a more advanced face mask that protects users from infected by other people and protects others. It also blocks all airborne dust particles and diseases, protecting users from more than 95% of these particles.

This Mask is designed with 4 Layers:

• A non-woven outer layer resistant to fluid and frame
• An active carbon layer that removes odors
• A high-efficiency melt-blown filtration layer providing high filtration
• A needle punched skin-friendly cotton layer.

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