3M™ Particulate Respirator 9501+ FFP2 Mask Box of 50s

3M 9501+ FFP2 Particulate Respirator Mask Box of 50

Features :

Adjustable nose clips and soft nose pads can help different users achieve good face adhesion and reduce the possibility of fogging the glasses. The overall design of the mask enables it to be used with a variety of eye and face protection and hearing protection products.

It is used to protect liquid or non-oily particles produced by spray and not emitting oily aerosol or vapor.

Ideal for mechanically generated particles, nuisance level of organic vapors, and agricultural type chemicals with low vapor pressure, spraying pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide.

Dustproof, anti-virus, anti-odor, breathing resistance is small, comfortable to wear, breathable, smooth breathing.

Filtration rate of not less than 95%