3M 1860s N95 Mask

  • Small-sized health care respirator and surgical mask
  • NIOSH Approved: N95
  • FDA Cleared for use as surgical mask
  • Helps protect against certain airborne biological particles
  • Small-sized health care respirator and surgical mask
  • NIOSH Approved: N95
  • FDA Cleared for use as surgical mask
  • Helps protect against certain airborne biological particles

1860s 3m mask– The Best Respirator to Keep You Protected from All Harms!

Greater tools are required for bigger applications; so do 1860s 3m mask becomes ultimate when performing major tasks like; patient care in TB ward, infection control practices, or pandemic preparedness planning.

This medical Respirator is a cone-shaped particulate (which is also approved as a surgical mask) and provides excellent respiratory protection against specific biological airborne particles. It is firmly fluid resistant to body fluids, spatter of blood, and other infectious material.

The 3m 1860 small respirator successfully meets all required CDC guidelines suggested for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control. Another vital aspect of this Respirator is that it is designed to keep the wearer protected from individual airborne particles, which are more likely to be generated during laser surgery, electrocautery, and other powered medical instruments.

Luoloya as a leading surgical mask manufacturer and supplier of other medical protective equipment never leaves a chance to facilitate our clients with something useful, durable, and worth money invested.

Highlighting Features of 3m 1860s n95 mask

  • Collapse safe cup shape plan
  • Contains 99% of BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)
  • FDA cleared for use as a careful veil
  • Fluid safe as per ASTM F1862 Collapse resistant cup shape design

It further features braided headbands, cushioning nose, and stitched with fine fabric to make it comfortable for the wearer, even for a long time.

How Are Particulate Respirators Manufactured at Luoloya?

Our dominating trait lies in manufacturing those products, which can be useful for controlling harmful infections. Thus, the signature products Luoloya is recommended for include multiple types of facemasks with varying grades; most of our products are widely used in the medical field.

The 3m 1860s mask is made with electrostatic filter cotton, and the exhalation valve makes it more advanced to protect users from pathogens and other airborne particles. Still, it also protects users from individuals who’re already infected – asymptomatic – and protects others.

We’ve designed this particulate Respirator with four multiple protective layers, including;

  • An active carbon layer for removing odors
  • A high-efficiency melt-blown filtration layer that provides high filtration
  • A non-woven outer layer that is resistant to fluid & frame
  • A needle-punched cotton layer that is safe for facial skin

The purpose of supplying this incredibly stitched and designed 3m 1860s n95 mask is to help all those independent retailers, wholesalers, and distributors willing to expand their business by providing their customers with something highly protective of this pandemic.

Either you run a pharmacy or affiliated with elite medical sectors to provide personal protective equipment, luoloya, as your only medical face mask suppliercan help you give the best and right ones.


Warning, Applications & Additional Uses – Our Supplied 3m 1860 Respirator Is Subtle, Yet Versatile!

Choking Hazard / Warning: Before use, the wearer must read and understand all user seal checks and Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging.

Best Applications:

  • Operating Rooms
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Clinics
  • Laboratory
  • Stockpiling
  • Emergency

Suppose you approach Luoloya to get a 1860s 3m mask for sale. In that case, you’ll witness a most lucrative and cherished experience, as you’ll notice a difference in the product you’ve been purchasing from other manufacturers before us.

Also, our products can help you gain a drastic boom in your sales revenue due to versatile additional uses of our supplied products. Yes, our medical particulate respirators can also be used in; Sandstorm, smog weather as a barrier against respiratory infections.

It protects against viral pathogenic microbial particles.

And, our 3m 1860 respirator is also approved as a medical-surgical mask. Providing 1860s 3m mask for sale, buy & resell in Bulk!

What Make Our Products Highly Preferred Than Other Manufacturing Sources?

We have different protective masks available, all of which are lab tested and clinically proven as ideal protection against any risk of infection. Our surgical face masks are made using Nylon mesh for extra comfort and exceptional breathability.

Our 1860s 3m mask comprises of a soft inner shell for greater comfort against the face. Since it is fluid-resistant, it reduces potential exposure of the wearer to blood and other body fluids. The purpose is not to boast of selling masterpiece product, but to make you sure how our supplied medical masks and other protective supplies can help you bring your business to another level.

We bet you won’t get such reliable and quality guaranteed products from anywhere other than us!

FAQS Regarding  1860s 3m Mask

What is BFE & for what it’s used to measure?

BFE means Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. It is used to measure how well a surgical mask can protect against biological particles that the wearer expels into the environment.

Can a patient with a compromised respiratory system wear a 3m Respirator?

No! These patients aren’t supposed to wear 3m respirators unless not explicitly prescribed by an expert physician.

How to Store 3M N95 Respirators?

As suggested by OSHA, all respirators must be stored to protect them from sunlight, dust, extreme temperatures, excessive moisture, and contamination.

Are 3M N95 masks effective?

Yes, it is! The 1860 3m mask or respirator successfully meets all required CDC guidelines as suggested for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control. The most dominating trait of this face mask is, it is intended to design for protection against specific airborne particles, which are usually generated during electrocautery, laser surgery, and other powered medical instruments.

How can I find a 3M N95 1860 masks wholesale supplier?

Luoloya is not only a mask manufacturing company, but also a leading wholesale supplier that deals in supplying diversified variety in face masks, respirators; each with promising quality, extended durability, and in bulk quantity. We’ve been helping many reputable clients in providing them quality stuff and made long-lasting relations with them. So why not consider us, rather looking for other suppliers?

How do I verify 3m 1860s mask?

If you find a green check-mark on the face mask package, it implies the item is confirmed and solid. In any case, if there’s a red or yellow symbol, this shows that your item might be fake. Note the outcomes cautiously. For example, basic and date the pack or move to tell your agents they are using an authentic 3M thing.

How can I identify the 3M n95 1860 masks?

The most critical aspect for identifying a 3M N95 mask is, it doesn’t use a “Peru Seal” or other similar seals. All face masks or respirators containing such seals are usually fake. The 3M PSD face masks/respirators are recommended for professional use only

How do I get a wholesale supply for an N95 facial mask?

There are many online trading companies and B2B trading platforms that are giving high contributions at this time of the pandemic. They offer wholesale supplies such as; eWorldtrade, Ali baba, and to name a few. However, as you’ve already present to the leading manufacturer’s website, so we can also provide you quality 3m n95 masks at wholesale prices, being a global supplier.

Are N95 masks NIOSH approved?

Yes, the surgical N95 masks or respirators are NIOSH approved on basis of their respiratory protection efficiency, resistance, and other NIOSH requirements. They are also individually cleared by FDA as medical devices. The FDA makes surgical masks eligible for sale in the U.S, yet didn’t test & certify the respirator.

What is the difference between N95 masks &regular thin medical masks?

The main difference between N95 and regular face masks is their use of purpose. The purpose of a regular thin face mask is, it isn’t intended to protect the wearer from any infection, it generally protects people from wearers’ germs, since transmission usually occurs by asymptomatic people, everyone is a potential virus carrier.

The N95 face mask on other hand is a standard mask with a certain level of protection against viruses for the wearer, but it’s never advised to be used when encountered with highly infectious patients.

How long can I wear an N95 mask?

According to reports conducted by CDC, the extended use of N95 mask use – even if surrounded by patients –is safe for more than eight hours, this encourages each user to inspect recommendation by each manufacturer to follow this strategy. In short words, the N95 mask can be durable for more than 8 hours, and to protect the mask from soiling, or any damage, wear a face shield over the N95.

How long is a 3M N95 face mask effective in helping to reduce exposure to COVID-19?

The 3m 1860 mask is made with electrostatic filter cotton and contains an exhalation valve which makes it more advanced to protect from airborne particles. This mask is designed in four multiple protective layers, an active carbon layer for removing odors, a high-efficiency melt-blown filtration layer that provides high filtration, a non-woven outer layer that is resistant to fluid & frame. And,a needle-punched cotton layer which is safe for facial skin

How effective are N95 masks in blocking viruses from spreading?

The N95 is a highly protective device not only designed to block the virus from spreading, but also to achieve a close facial fit, as well as to filter airborne particles. These respirators/face masks are thoroughly inspected for fluid resistance, particulate filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency,bio-compatibility, and flammability.

This face mask should be shared or reused.

Q.11) Are N95 masks effective in preventing transmission of coronavirus?

Yes, it is! The N95 mask is specifically designed to prevent specific diseases or infections, especially it’s effective in preventing transmission of coronavirus.

This face mask is addressed as separating careful smoke or crest, sifting explicit measures of infections or microbes, diminishing the measure of as well as executing infections, microorganisms, or organisms, or influencing allergen city. The respirator contains covering innovations inconsequential to filtration (e.g., to lessen and additionally slaughter micro-organisms).

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3M 1860s N95 Mask Product Specifications

Aerosol Type
Braided Comfort Strap
Cartridge or Filter Included
Case Quantity
Market Leader
Exhalation Valve
Face seal/Nose foam
Nose foam
FDA Cleared
Advanced Electrostatic Media
Filter Class
Flame Resistance (ASTM D2859-96)
Flammability Rating
Class 1
Fluid Resistance
80mm Hg
Fluid Resistant (ASTM F1862)
Gas & Vapor Protection Type
Hazard Type
Mold, Silica
Individually Wrapped
Defense, Homeland Security
3M 1860S N95
Natural Rubber Latex Components
Bulk Case
Product Color
Product Type
Healthcare Respirator
Healthcare Respirator
Recommended Application
Emergency & Pandemic Preparedness
Recommended Industry
Health Care
Respirator Size
Respirator Style
Personal Safety
N95 & FDA Cleared
Strap Attachment Type
Braided Comfort Strap