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How A Ecological Face Mask with Filter Reduces COVID-19 Transmission

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As industries, schools, and universities are looking forward to welcoming staff, customers, and students back to their facilities, many face the same problem. How can you create a safe environment for everyone while maintaining the closeness you have all been missing during this time? One of the most accessible behaviors to get this done is to offer a reusable face mask with a filter. While the N95 face masks, of course, are being saved for healthcare and frontline workers. These washable poly-cotton masks are a great way of providing such security while you are still in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis. Many suppliers offer high-quality face masks such as a 3m 1860 mask for sale.

Limiting Transmission

Many people have learned that it is possible to be carriers of the novel coronavirus without knowing it. When wearing a face mask, you can vastly reduce the chance of transmitting the virus and the probability of getting it from others. This graphic from the Health and Family Welfare Department quickly illustrates how wearing a face mask can significantly affect your health regarding contracting the virus.

Limiting Waste

A significant positive that has emerged from the virus and stay-at-home guidelines has been the impact on the environment. Across the world, water and skies appear more precise, and climate pollution has fallen tremendously. You can help maintain this by continuing to decrease the amount of waste piled onto the earth. Having a washable face mask lets you continue this work by caring you safe and aiding your health. Moreover, it allows you to reuse it time and time again with a simple wash. However, the ability to wash your face mask also saves money that you can use multiple times. Instead, when you buy a disposable face mask, you have to discard it after one use.

We are all excited to recommence the human interactions we have missed due to COVID-19. We cannot stress enough the importance of doing so responsibly. Using a washable, reusable face mask with a filter gets us started on the track to doing just that.

Reuseable Face Mask Continues Longer

The long length of service of industrially reusable face masks (as opposed to disposable face masks that use the same filter) is the result of its design. The manufacturers securely attach the plastic filter to a silicone face mask. The plastic filter protection houses the actual filter cartridge, which is disposable. Together the 3m 1860 mask for sale and filter shield can last up to two years.

With a disposable face mask, people are constantly readjusting the face mask. Their hands generally transfer pathogens from the tops they touch to their faces, noses, and mouths. That’s why the CDC recommends that you constantly wash your hands and not touch your faces. Each time you adjust a disposable face mask with your hands, you contaminate it. The outside of every disposable face mask should be careful “dirty.” It is likely contaminated.

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