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Get the best protective 3m 1860 n95 facemask from us!

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Want to protect yourself from deadly coronavirus? Then Luoloya Health Industry is the go-to-place for you. We are here to provide you specialized pharmaceutical products and medical appliances, including 3m 1860 n95 mask, 3M™ 8210V Particulate Respirator, N95 80 EA/Case, and many more.

As coronavirus is spreading day-by-day, it is necessary to take all the primary protection, and for us, your health is the priority. So, we are here to deliver genuine, high-quality products at an affordable price without affecting the product quality. Our company ensures 3m 1860 mask for sale in the best quality at the lowest price!

Can 3m 1860 n95 mask protect us?

The 3M™ 1860 Health Care Particulate Respirator is designed to protect you from germs and viruses as it filters 95 percent of the pathogens and bacteria entering your mouth.

Moreover, we offer high-quality masks with a more excellent against particulate aerosols free of oil, disposable, fluid-resistant, and may be worn in surgery.

Also, we offer various sizes 3m 1860 small and medium so that it perfectly fits your face. Our company ensures a standard quality product that follows all the 3M SafeGuard processes and has a mask with no components made from natural rubber latex.

Our mask provides comfort and style without compromising performance. It features an embossed top panel that will prevent moist exhaled air and reduce eye-wear fogging from warm.

Moreover, it protects against dust, germs, and mists found in medical and healthcare areas and is beneficial for industrial applications and other work situations requiring FFP3 protection.

Are you concern about is your 3M N95 1860 Mask is original or not? Here we are providing you a perfect guideline that assures you the validity of the product. By following the 3M Safeguard process, find the code of 6 to 10 digits and enter them on their site, and you will get to know its authenticity.

Product detail

3M 1860 N95 disposable mask is a small size mask that protects yourself from airborne biological particles. It is disposable and protects you from spatter of blood, fluid resistant to splash, and other infectious material. You can get it affordable 3m 1860 mask price at this platform without compromising the quality right away!

Being a reputable 3m 1860 mask supplier, we provide you the best quality in a soft inner shell to give you greater comfort against the face. We ensure our 3m 1860 small is fluid-resistant; it aids in reducing the potential exposure of the pathogens, wearer to blood and other body fluids.


  • Small-sized health care respirator and surgical mask
  • NIOSH Approved: N95
  • FDA Cleared for use as a surgical mask
  • It helps protect against certain airborne biological particles
  • Fluid resistant and disposable
  • Meets CDC guidelines for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control
  • 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) according to ASTM F2101
  • Fluid resistant according to ASTM F1862
  • The respirator contains no components made from natural rubber latex
  • Collapse resistant cup shape design
  • Braided headbands, cushioning nose foam, and lightweight construction for comfortable wear
  • Sculpted upper panel conforms to the nose and contours of the face for an effective seal
  • Embossed Top Panel minimizes the flow of warm, moist air

Moreover, our mask has unique low-breathing resistance filter technology features, which improved breathing ease and comfort Ingenious and gave effective filter performance while lowering breathing resistance.

So, what are you waiting for? Get 3m 1860 mask for sale price with just one click!


You can get 3m 1860 masks in stock every time you visit us with a wide variety and sizes. We ensure it meets CDC guidelines for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control. You can use it whenever you are exposed to these harmful pathogens.

  • Operating Rooms
  • Clinics
  • TB Wards
  • Patient Care
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Infection Control Practices
  • Laboratory
  • emergency or pandemic preparedness planning
  • stockpiling


These face masks provide you coverage from specific airborne contaminants. Before use, you must read the proper guidelines and instructions on the product packaging. Our product will satisfy all OSHA requirements 1910.134, including training, fit testing, and medical evaluation. Use it correctly, as misuse may result in sickness or death. For proper use, see package instructions.

Buy now! The best 3m 1860 n95 mask for yourself at an affordable price from the leading facemasks suppliers right away!

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